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Joy Hazra


Age: 4

Place: The Choice To Change Foundation

Grade: 1

Gender: Male

Family Details: Joy is full of energy the whole day and studies hard at his level. His father works as a cleaner. He is a very cooperative and active student who loves all school activities inside and outside the classroom. He loves to read, draw and play. His favorite color is red and his favorite game is cricket. He wants to be a doctor and treat poor people in the future.

Joy Hazra has been waiting 158 days for a sponsor.

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The Choice To Change (C2C) was founded in July 2010  to change the lives of poverty-stricken children in the slums of Dhaka by paving an educational pathway for them to follow. Attaining any type of formal education would have been impossible for these underprivileged children without the help of such a non-profit organisation. Their aim is to break the endless cycle of poverty in the slums of Dhaka, Bangladesh, by providing a primary education and basic health care to the 150 underprivileged children our foundation works with. We are completely dependent on the generosity of our donors and contributors.